The first online NFT hexa-turn strategy card game




Solana Galaxy Metaverse

What is Sollarion?

It is not just a game, but a turn-based strategy card game with hexagonal map.

Sollarion is the first game of its kind based on the solana blockchain, which is used for in-game currency and all in-game items in the form of NFTs.

We have focused on our community and players, so they are able to earn from everything they do.

Sollarion is free to play and play to earn.

Key Features

Free to play

No investment is requiered to play and everything can be earned by playing the game.

Play to earn

Earn from all in-game activities.

No crypto

No crypto knowledge required to play.


Sollarion is the first game in the planned Solana Galaxy Metaverse world.


The year is 6381, the planet Earth has been destroyed. Humanity had to find a new home, which became the planet Dalmiri in the Solana Galaxy. This galaxy is plagued by war, in the outbreak of which humans who invaded the galaxy played a key role.

Choose your faction

Crystal token - blue


The members of this faction are primarily involved in business and always have their own interests in mind, which is why they are the most powerful and wealthy on the planet Dalmiri. They despise those who justify their involvement in wars to the higher principle, whether it be religion or technological advancement. In war, they want to get rich and enjoy their wealth. They don't care how many lives are lost in war as long as it gets them closer to their goal. They live in a city where they are in everyone's sight and have close ties with the government of the entire Dalmiri.

Crystal token - green


If any faction is open to peace talks, it is Mungu that has entered the war in the name of Sollarion. They fear the threat that lurks in the universe - the creatures that the mighty Sollarion himself fell at war with. They believe that all should unite and prepare to defend the galaxy. They believe that Sollarion is watching over them and would not consent to the death of even a single creature, but that has not stopped them from participating in the wars, as they know that without the crystal they have no power, and everyone in the Solana Galaxy wants that power. They tend to settle in the forests or mountains, wherever they can feel a connection to nature.

Crystal token - red


The Yono faction brings together the smartest scientists who see the only meaning of existence in technological progress. They are beneficial to society, as it is to their members, because most of the discoveries and inventions are continually moving society forward. Its members believe that the benefit of the whole is superior to the benefit of the individual. They don't hesitate to experiment on creatures from all over the galaxy in the name of technological progress, which is considered highly controversial by society. Although they live in seclusion and try to remain discreet, their power should not be underestimated.

Game Features

Hexagonal map

The game takes place on a hex map, which gives much more strategic options.


Adjust your cards to suit your gaming style.

Game modes

We have prepared many game modes for every player to choose from.

VR ready

Part of the game development is a VR ready element to be implemented in the future.





NFT Sale

We are going to launch a limited NFT sale soon. During the sale, Sollarion Galaxy Launchpass NFT (SGL) will be sold. The SGL will grant its owners the unique opportunity to enter the Solana Galaxy Metaverse play to earn ecosystem

The SGL owners will have guaranteed airdrops of an NFT Land, Genesis Card Pack, Mysterious Collector item and Token airdrop.

The SGL NFTs will be also used as a ticket for other future airdrops and rewards within the ecosystem. You can not miss that!

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