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The year is 6381, planet Earth has been destroyed. Humanity had to find a new home, which became the planet Dalmiri in the Solana Galaxy. This galaxy is now plagued by war. By war, which started by the human invasion and their interventions in the natural environment. And how did that happen? Some believe it was an accident, others believe it was fate.  But one thing is certain – the humans received a new chance to build a peaceful life, but so far it seems they have brought nothing but destruction. It’s only a matter of time before their actions backfire on them.

There is a legend in the Solana Galaxy of a creature called Sollarion. The tale is thousands of years old and describes the creation of this galaxy as we know it today. It is rumored that Sollarion was created from very powerful magic, which he also controlled and used to benefit his people. One day, his planet was attacked by unknown creatures from the distant galaxy. Their goal was to colonize the present planet and enslave its inhabitants, but they had no intention of surrendering without a fight, and so war broke out.

Sollarion, who fought in the war, in an attempt to protect his land, used so much magical power that his physical shell was unable to contain it, causing a massive explosion. Sollarion’s power was scattered among the planets and no trace of him remained. This magical explosion saved the galaxy from the invaders, but it also changed life throughout the galaxy.

According to legend, his magical power was stored beneath the surface of each planet and gave rise to many creatures across the Solana Galaxy. This is how life evolved on all the planets here.  Whether Sollarion died or disappeared, he remained known as the protector of this galaxy, and some cultures still worship him as their god, believing that if the Solana Galaxy came under threat, Sollarion would stop it.

In another corner of the universe was the planet Earth, whose inhabitants for a long time had no idea of the Solana Galaxy’s existence or what it held. Humankind had proven itself to be sturdy, desperate for improvement, and stopped at nothing in its quest to improve its quality of life. Humans have ignored the warning signs their own planet had sent them. They forgot how to listen to nature and focused on consumerism and technological progress, which eventually destroyed the Earth and left it uninhabitable.

When humans realized that life on planet Earth would not be possible forever, they decided that the only way to save themselves was to find a new planet suitable for life. The governments of every country in the world began to work together. Probes were sent into space to find this planet. People had almost lost hope until one finally completed its mission successfully.

Far from thinking they had won

they knew that the journey to the new planet, thousands of light years away, would not be easy. And that the technology they had so far was insufficient. But the instinct for self-preservation and the determination of the people was strong. They managed to construct the spaceships with the cryo capsules that were supposed to ensure their survival. But they couldn’t build enough ships to carry everyone.

Humans concentrated only on the development of space travel technology and everything else had to go. The situation on planet Earth got even worse. There were unexpected climate changes, people began to face food shortages, and it culminated in a pandemic that killed millions of people. The huge riots grew among others, but society was still driven by the hope of leaving Earth and finding a new home.

However many lost that hope, when it became clear that there would not be enough space on the ships. Preference would be given to the rich, powerful and influential, scientists, doctors and other scholars who would be useful in colonizing the new planet. Thus, the final battle for survival has begun on planet Earth. Crime was on the rise and people began to kill each other in an attempt to get over the line, or just in jealousy. In some countries the weak and sick were put to death in the name of population survival. Combined with deadly diseases and food shortages, there were not many people left on Earth. Therefore, any survivors had the opportunity to make their way to the new galaxy. However they were scarred – not only by the loss of their home, but also by the loss of their loved ones. 

Not all who left planet Earth made it to their destination. Two ships suffered fatal damage when passing through asteroid belts. Other ships suffered damage to the cryo capsules, resulting in the death of the people inside.

The humans, who landed on the planet Nov’Terra, were determined not to waste this chance and to do everything they could to get their lives back to normal. They began to focus on technological advancement again, which in the end made their lives even more difficult.

A major discovery of a new element was made on the planet that brought them unexpected possibilities. An element that they did not yet know would in the future become absolutely essential to them and would set the course for the lives of humans and all the inhabitants of the galaxy. An element they later discover is called the Sollarion Crystal.