The first online NFT hexa-turn strategy card game

SLRC Token

SLRC Token is SPL token on the Solana blockchain. SLRC Token is an in-game currency and governance token.

The token mechanics are set to be deflationary. This will be ensured by burning the token and decreasing the amount of rewards from playing.

Token obtaining

Basic ways to get a SLRC Token

1. Play the game!
2. Rewards
3. Passive income
4. IDO
5. Community

Token usage


By staking the token, the owner gains votes that can be used to influence the direction the project will take. A quadratic voting system will be used.


In the game it will be possible to use FORGE for minting game NFT (packs of cards, orbs, ...) for which the player will pay with SLRC token.


All sales on our marketplace, which will be integrated directly into the game, will only be possible with SLRC token.


SLRC token holders will be able to stake their tokens. By staking, tokens are locked for 1 – 12 months at the owner’s option.

Staking also gives the owner votes proportional to the amount of tokens stacked. These votes will be used in polls that we will create periodically to influence how the project will proceed.

By locking tokens for an extended period of time, the owners receives a 0 – 110% bonus to both reward and votes for voting.

Example: Lock for 1 month = 0% bonus, lock for 2 – 12 months = 10 – 110% bonus to staking reward.

Private sale

If you are interested in participating in the ongoing private sale, please contact us.